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USAID Reports

This report discusses the concept of the energy efficiency power plant (EPP) as a policy mechanism that can contribute substantially to large-scale deployment of energy efficiency. As defined in Section 3, an Energy Efficiency Power Plant (EPP) is a group of programs and projects that reduces electricity consumption and peak loads in a reliable, predictable and measurable manner, so that the resulting energy savings can be compared on an economic, financial, and environmental basis to the power production of a conventional power plant (CPP). more»
Developing the Energy Efficiency Power Plant: Policy and Regulatory Initiatives
This report is a guide for those who need to promote, test, and regulate LED-based lighting products. The report provides a technical overview of LED-based lighting technologies in Asia so that policymakers can identify opportunities, initiate better policies, and make better-informed decisions about adopting LED technologies throughout the region. more»
Scaling Up LED Lighting Technologies: Current Status and Recommendations for Future Actions in Developing Asia
Countries in Asia face serious challenges when it comes to adoption of CFLs, including purchase cost, sub-standard quality, a lack of common standards for CFLs, and a lack of consumer awareness about CFL quality. In addition, although CFLs are being sold across Asia, the lack of a common standard makes it difficult for data sharing across the region, or establishment of a regional testing program...more»
Testing for Quality: Benchmarking Energy-Saving Lamps in Asia
Black carbon has been identified as a driver of important regional climate impacts. Several studies have identified Asia as the single- largest source of global black carbon emissions from contained combustion (such as combustion in engines, stoves, and kilns), accounting for more than half of all such emissions.more»
Black Carbon Emissions in Asia: Sources, Impacts and Abatement Opportunities
The purpose of this report is to provide an objective and comprehensive regional analysis summarizing the benefits and risks of biofuels development in Asia, and examining the istribution and use of biofuels through the lens of global climate change; biodiversity conservation; energy alternatives; food security; economic development; and local livelihoods. This report does not undertake a detailed evaluation of biofuels in comparison to other clean energy supply options for power generation and transport.more»
Biofuels in Asia: An Analysis of Sustainability Options
This report, Phasing in Quality, identifies opportunities to fully implement the Manila Compact. The report begins with an overview of CFL markets and programs in China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Next, the report presents a series of comparative analyses covering the current standards, regulations, testing, labeling, and other performance and quality requirements in effect for CFLs sold in these six nations...more»
Phasing in Quality: Harmonization of CFLs to Help Asia Address Climate Change
This report analyzes the role that clean energy can play in Asian countries, with a focus on six largest developing economies of Asia: China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. The report adopts a regional lens in assessing the potential for clean energy options in Asia. If you would like to download individual files for the main report, six country reports, and six country data annexes, visit:»
From Ideas to Action: Clean Energy Solutions for Asia to Address Climate Change
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CFL Quality in Asia: Solving a Regional Market Failure
Countries in Asia face serious challenges when it comes to adoption of CFLs, including sub-standard quality,...more»
CFL Testing Image
Countries Assess Impact of LEDs for Energy-Efficient Lighting in Asia   more»
Asia-Pacific Dialogue on Clean Energy Governance and Regulation
The Asia-Pacific Dialogue on Clean Energy Governance and Regulation was held at the Asian Development Bank...more»